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Admission Requirements

The learner must satisfy the requirements for admission as determined by the Principal and the Governing Body from time to time. The decision by the chairperson of the Governing Body, after consultation with the Principal, is final. New learners (excluding Grade 8 learners) will only be accepted provisionally until their previous school has been consulted.

Language and Ethos

Learners and parents must identify with the ethos and Christian character of the school which is evident in all school activities.

Compulsory School Fees

The learner's parent/guardian will pay the compulsory school fees as determined by the Governing Body from time to time, which is in keeping with the agreement about payment of fees as laid down in the school rules.


The applicant must submit a birth certificate and/or identity document on application. The applicant's age must, under normal circumstances, fall within two years of the average age of the class.

Code of Conduct

Parents and Learners must know the contents of this document and sign it before enrolment can be considered.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

The Policy with regards to Alcohol and Drug use/abuse. The signing of the policy document is a prerequisite for admission to the school.


Read through the prospectus and familiarise yourself with the functioning of the school.


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