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The RCL is a legally elected council of learners representing all the learners of the school. From Grade 8 - Grade 12, Hermanus High School elects learners per grade to ensure enough learners who can speak on behalf of the classes and who can also disseminate information directly to the relevant classes.


The RCL elects its learners for a period of one year. The leadership is made up of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer, as well as the leaders of the following sub-committees: Academics, Sport, Culture, Service and Spirit. The chairperson and vice-chairperson serve on the School Governing Body.

RCL tasks

The RCL strives to uphold the name of the school, to serve the school and the community and to raise funds to run certain identified projects. Previous projects included: Movie Night, Matric Tea, Battle of the Bands/The Voice and the RCL Ball. All funds raised are used to buy more picnic benches which are rented out annually.


RCL Members 2024 (Elected in February 2024)


Miencke Joubert (Grade 11)



Elke Keulder (Grade 10)
















Zanele Tshazibane

Grade 12

Lauren Hess

Grade 12

Nevilia October

Grade 12

Ruth Boyd

 Grade 12

Werner Kuchar

Grade 11

Nils Ladewig

Grade 11

Johan de Villiers

Grade 11

Timo Zipfell

Grade 11

Tobias Fourie

Grade 11

Sophia Thorpe

Grade 10

Jame-Lee Lodewyk

Grade 10

Jason Gers

Grade 10

Anemari Boshoff

Grade 10

Helen Ackermann

Grade 10

Daniel Duvenhage Grade 9 Sahara Hafezz Grade 9

Matteo Lanuti

Grade 8 Lukas Calitz Grade 8

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