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A Parent Teachers Association serves the school on a voluntary basis and organizes fundraising activities throughout the year. We welcome all parents and guardians to become active parents. The success of Hermanus High School is greatly dependent on the support and care provided through the community.

Parent participation plays a vital role in the success of Hermanus High School. Not only does it enable our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to raise much needed funds, but it also builds on and reflects our strong sense of community. The positive and lively spirit of these involved parents, buoys us all – teachers, learners and parents alike.

Beyond major fundraising events, parents regularly help in the tuckshop. Many a friendship has been formed over the chip fryer or BBQ grill. We urge parents to join in this rewarding school community and in so doing to contribute to the success of their children and the school.

Many of the events on our calendar have become annual traditions and are always great fun. They involve not only the children and their families, but also the wider Hermanus community. 


Please join the “Fabulous Moms and Dads” Group.

Mrs Lizel Kuchar (Chairperson): 082 347 3223

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