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The vision of the service pillar is to develop a sense of caring for fellow citizens by enabling learners to take responsibility for especially the casualties of the socio-economic challenges in their communities and country.

The most important role player in this pillar is the Interact: Rotary International promotes 14-to 18- year old youths to do community service. Hermanus High School’s Interact Club ("Interact") is sponsored by the Hermanus Rotary, which provides support and guidance.

The name ‘Interact’ is a combination of the words ‘International’ and ‘Action’. Interact’s global youth network is dedicated to community and international service. Interact projects have a lasting impact in the society in which it operates.

The Interact aims to reach out to a community in need and works with youth in several other countries. We learn about the customs and culture of our society and we promote tolerance, compassion and reminding underprivileged people of ways to take initiative. We seek to serve our local community and also to develop our leadership qualities, while helping communities help themselves.

Other role players are: First Aid Helpers; Soup kitchen; Sound, lighting and Power Point presenters; The RCL; SCA-members (LOUD!) and the Junior Town Council (if school-related).

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