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The budget for 2024 was presented to and approved by the parents / guardians on 31 October 2023 at the SGB Annual General Meeting. This budget was also presented to and approved by the Governing Body.

A resolution was adopted for compulsory school fees for the 2024 year. The fees will be R26 442.00 (twenty-six thousand four hundred and forty-two rand) per year, per learner of which R1500.00 is due by 31 December 2023.

A resolution was adopted that the following subjects are not included in the fees of R26 442,00 namely:

  • Dance Studies, Design and Additional Mathematics – payable directly to the respective parties.
  • Any additional subject taken as an eighth subject by a learner – R400.00 per additional subject per term. The School office will invoice parents with the fees for these subjects.  The fees are payable at the beginning of each term.
  • Life Sciences camp for Grade 10 learners – information will be handed out during the year.
  • Consumer Studies – additional R270 for the year

Payment Arrangements

In terms of Section 39 of the South African Schools Act No 84, you are liable to pay compulsory school fees.  Fees are payable annually in advance, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

We refer you to the  Terms and Conditions document for the different payment options.

The Terms and Conditions, which is compulsory for all learners, must be completed and signed by both biological parents and/or legal guardians.  A separate form must be completed for each learner.

NB:  All questions on all 5 pages of the enclosed Terms and Conditions must please be completed, signed and returned to Hermanus High School, together with a certified copy of your Identity Document(s).  If a question is not applicable, please indicate that the question is not applicable.  Please ensure that your form is fully completed as we will return the form until all the questions have been completed to our satisfaction.

Bank Charges

The Governing Body has decided that any bank charges debited against the school’s account as a result of unpaid debit orders, will be debited to the defaulting payer’s account.

Additional Educators

The Western Cape Education Department only pays for 28 of our educators and is not in a position to add to these numbers. Since the school has increased tremendously in numbers over the past few years the school has found it necessary to remunerate a further 22 educators to accommodate all our pupils.

If parents / guardians do not fulfil their obligations to pay the school fees, we will be unable to retain the services of these additional educators.

Non-paying Parents/Guardians

In terms of Section 39 of the South African Schools Act No 84, 1996, you are liable to pay compulsory school fees.  School fees are payable annually in advance, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

In terms of Section 40 & 41 of the South African Schools Act, the School Governing Body of a public school may enforce this payment by taking legal action against you.

In the event of non-payment, action will be taken against both parents regardless of any maintenance agreements which may exist between the parties.  In terms of the School’s Terms and Conditions of Enrolment you will be liable for all legal and collection fees.

In terms of Family Law, parents are jointly and severally liable for payment of learners’ school fees.

Parents, who feel that they qualify for complete, partial or conditional exemption from the payment of school fees, must personally collect the necessary application forms from our financial office, or download it from the school’s website for completion and submission.

Applications for exemption of payment of school fees must be submitted by the parent on a day which the school will communicate via D6. Parents must personally hand in the form on the given date. No forms will be accepted if they are incomplete. The school communicates with parents via D6. Please ensure that you are registered on D6.

Debt Counsellors

Schools are exempt from the National Credit Act as the payment of school fees is a statutory debt.  This debt may not be referred to a debt counsellor or Administrator for administration.  Payment options must be arranged with the school.

Correspondence regarding School Fees

The correspondence will be handed to the learner, in a sealed envelope, by the respective register teacher, for delivery to the parent or guardian.  Would you please ensure that your child hands these envelopes to you?  We also request that you read our notes which appear on the accounts. 

If your account is paid up to date you will not receive a statement unless you request one.


The Governing Body would appreciate the co-operation of parents / guardians for the timeous payment of school fees.

Thank you for your continued support.

Terms & Conditions

Hermanus High School charges school fees as permitted by the SA Schools' Act.

The father and mother and/or guardian(s) (where applicable) of every learner are jointly and severally responsible for school fees in respect of such a learner.