Hoërskool Hermanus High School

“Success is not solely measured by what one brings, but rather by what one leaves.”

The Hermanus High School matric council is a group of learners carefully chosen by educators and their peers for their enthusiasm, determination, persistence, but most importantly, for their strong mental and moral fibre. These learners are passionate about their school, working towards set goals and embracing new opportunities to better the school – true ambassadors of our school. Besides being the disciplinary leg of the RCL, they are appointed the task to build unity among all learners. They support, help, encourage and applaud the efforts of all Hermanus High School learners.

These learners are true to themselves and their principles and believe whole-heartedly in their purpose. Besides safeguarding the good name of our school, they as a group, are tasked with identifying and developing areas of unfulfilled potential. At the end of their terms, the matric council members inevitably have not only grown as individuals, but can be rightly proud of their contributions to the growth of the school.



J'hanco Botha (Head Boy) Zulene van Niekerk (Head Girl)
Aphelele Madaka (Deputy Head Boy) Yanna Stergianos (Deputy Head Girl)
Jayden Arendse Simone du Randt
Kyle de Bruyn Inge Kuchar
Timo-Ben Lerm Yzané Oelofsen
Deon Loubser Lismari Strauss
Marco Muller Tayla van den Bergh
Navan Olivier Donné van Schoor
Rigardt Schulenburg Kate van Zyl
Matthew Smith Maxene Valentine
Tiaan van der Westhuizen Janeke Viljoen
Jared Wilson Jana Bergh

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