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Hermanus High School is an educational institution that strives for excellence in all aspects of education. We endeavour to groom our learners to successfully compete against their peers on national as well as international level.

The sport department is one of four pillars on which the school is anchored. The school is fully cognizant of the value of sport as a medium to instil life skills and values. Sport thus forms an integral part of our holistic approach to education. This includes:

  • The appreciation of the importance of participation in group activities;
  • The fostering of a love for sport;
  • The promotion of sport with the aim to develop life-long friendships which are bonded in the numerous sport arenas;
  • Sport encourages learners to support one another;
  • Sport teaches learners to win with dignity and to lose with grace;
  • The focus is on healthy physical and mental development of the learners. This includes elements of strength and conditioning, as well as correct nutrition.

The goal of the school is also:

  • To improve the sporting abilities of previously disadvantaged learners.
  • To develop sportsmen and women to compete at provincial levels.
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