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Looking back, once again, at our Interschool against Overberg High School, which was held on Friday 9 August in Caledon, I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at our tremendous success. After a 25-year relationship with Overberg High School, this was our last Interschool meeting. Therefore ending on a high with a clean sweep was even more thrilling. It is always sad to see such traditions end with an opponent after so many years, but our school has become too big to compete at Interschool’s level against Overberg.

After each Interschool I like to share several highlights that impressed me most on the day, but this is not an easy task. There were simply too many things happening all at once and the excitement, tension and emotions made it hard for me to focus on any one thing at a time. There was too much to take in and it was a day I will never forget.

Dus het ek besluit om by die begin te begin. Die week van die Interskole het natuurlik al verlede Maandag begin en dit was net so ‘n suksesvolle dag soos Vrydag. Daardie dag het die skaak, gholf en vasvra teen Overberg plaasgevind en ons was gelukkig genoeg om al drie te wen. Ek was nie net beïndruk met die prestasies wat deur die skaak en vasvra behaal is nie, maar nog meer beïndruk met die ondersteuning wat hulle ontvang het, selfs die spelers was opgewonde daaroor. Elf van die skool se eerstespanrugbyspelers het hulle ondersteuning kom gee, al het hulle nie geweet wat aangaan nie. Die belangrikste punt is: hulle was daar. Ek het gedink dis ‘n wonderlike gebaar van ‘n span wat elke naweek soveel ondersteuning kry. Dit was wonderlik om te sien hoe hierdie span die ondersteuning wat hulle kry, erken en op hulle eie manier teruggee. Vir my het dit die gees vir die res van die week geskep. Dit gaan oor een skool wat saamstaan. Die Hermie Magic!

The rest of the week was difficult. It was a short week with the match being on the Friday, and the poor weather certainly did not help with preparations. On Thursday we held the Big Brag for the junior teams which was followed by the Capping Ceremony. Both of these being important and special functions for the sports teams.

Die Groot Brag gaan oor die erkenning van die junior spanne in die skool. Ons voel hierdie funksie is belangrik aangesien hierdie spanne geensins minder belangrik is as die senior spanne van die skool nie en ook ‘n groot bydrae tot die skool se algehele sukses lewer.

Friday was an early start seeing seven buses, two kombis and the Sprinter transporting close to 500 Hermanus High School pupils through to Caledon. The excitement was palpable, although I do not think that anyone was aware of just how big a day we were going to experience.

Ek het dit onthou toe ek na die eerste wedstryd van die dag gaan kyk het. Om 08:30 het die O.14B-netbalspan op ‘n kleinerige netbalbaan ver van die hoofsportfasiliteite gespeel. ‘n Mens kon dalk dink dis ‘n onbelangrike wedstryd, maar daar was ‘n groep Hermanus-ondersteuners wat ander planne gehad het. Vir die duur van die wedstryd is die span deur omtrent twintig van ons leerders ondersteun. Hulle het nie vir ‘n oomblik ophou sing en ondersteun nie. Ek dink nie die arme Overbergspan het ‘n kans gestaan nie en ons span het oortuigend gewen. As die eerste rugbyspan vroeër die week die toon aangegee het, het hierdie groep ondersteuners en hierdie O.14-netbalspan dit beslis Vrydag ook gedoen.

For the rest of the day, I can honestly say that every single team I was able to watch played like champions. There is not a team that I saw play that did not leave everything they had on those fields in Caledon. None more so, in my opinion, than the U.16 Rugby team and I congratulate them and every other team on their performance.

Every single pupil I saw on Friday looked smart. There was not a single pupil I had to tell to neaten up. There was not a single pupil I had to send home because they were not in school uniform. This on its own says so much to me about how our learners feel about their school and it was an important highlight for me on the day.

Die eerste spanne se wedstryde het beslis nie teleurgestel nie. Almal van hulle het soos verwag met baie passie gespeel en vir drama gesorg. Maar sommige was miskien ‘n bietjie meer ywerig as ander.

After a rather up and down season the Girls’ Hockey team produced a performance which displayed the potential all of us knew they had. The Boys’ Hockey team not only showed once again the quality of play that we have become accustomed to this year, but also showed a calmness and maturity that perhaps we never knew they had. The atmosphere around the court for the Netball team was electric. It was wonderful to see this team play on Friday with the self-belief we had been waiting to see all season. With the support these girls received on the day they were always going to do well.

Ek glo nie daar was Vrydag ‘n enkele persoon in Caledon wat die drama, opwinding en spanning verwag het wat ons tydens die eersterugby-spanwedstryd ervaar het nie. Dit het nie net oor die rugby gegaan nie, maar eerder die aard van die stryd wat ons almal aanskou het.

We all know that these boys were disappointed to have drawn this match. However, it goes without saying that there is not a person in this school who is not proud of each and every single one of these players. To come back from 20 nil down after 20 minutes and draw the match was an extraordinary performance. In fact, it must rate as one of the biggest comebacks of all time. The pride and passion these boys showed for their school, their commitment and never-say-die attitude is everything we are looking for in a Hermanus High School pupil.

Ek het dit al voorheen gesê en ek sal dit weer sê: dit is nie die uitslae wat tel nie, maar wel die inspanning en uithouvermoë. Ek sou graag wou glo dat die harde werk van hierdie rugbyseuns en die gesindheid wat hulle Vrydag geopenbaar het, elkeen van ons leerders verteenwoordig. Ek het inderdaad hierdie veggees in soveel van ons leerders aanskou. As dit die gesindheid en veggees is wat ons voortaan van hierdie skool kan verwag, nie net in sport nie maar in alles wat ons doen, kan ons baie opgewonde oor die toekoms van ons skool wees.

Not only did we perform well on the sports field on Friday, but the support off it was also superb. To our cheerleaders and all who were part of the pavilion, I say well done and thank you. As usual they  were brilliant. The time and effort everyone put in was immense and is deeply appreciated. Not only was our introduction impressive, but even more so was the support everyone offered throughout the day.

The performance on Friday: how the school was represented and supported, both on and off the field, not only make every Hermie feel proud, but I think the entire town of Hermanus can be proud. From my side, I would like to thank every single staff member and pupil who was involved on Friday for the value they added to this school. Friday’s performance can never be measured in the results we achieved on the sports field. In fact, I don’t think what was achieved on Friday can ever be measured. Perhaps the only way to describe it is; Hermie Magic! At its best. I can confidently say that I have never been as proud of this school as I was on Friday. In fact, I can go so far as to say that I have never been as proud of any school as I was on Friday. For this I congratulate and thank you.

In closing I would like to add the following: in case you have not realised it yet, all of you who were in Caledon on Friday were part of something unique. Something that can never be repeated again. You were part of history and no one can ever take that away from you. I believe that Friday will live in your hearts and minds forever. It certainly will in mine.

If you were not there on Friday, I believe you have missed out on something special and I can’t help but feel that you have missed out on an important part of what it means to be part of this special school. We cannot go back and change the past but we can determine the future. My advice to you remains the same. Get involved. Make use of the opportunities this school has to offer. It is only with everyone’s involvement that we will be able to build on what we have already achieved.


GJ Hassenkamp

Principal | Skoolhoof