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Hermanus High School has been selected a Model School (Year two) for the implementation of the e-Learning "Game Changer" initiative recently launched by the Western Cape Government.

The use of technology (Smart Classrooms, controlled internet access and appropriate devices) will be phased in over the next two years to support, but not replace, traditional teaching methods. Emphasis will be placed on the supportive role that technology will play in enhancing the education process.

Our goal with this process, often referred to as “blended learning”, will facilitate deeper learning and equip learners with the necessary skills (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication) for the workplace of the digital age. Creating opportunities for our learners is therefore one of our main strategic objectives.

Infrastructure, equipment and learner devices will be installed and delivered during 2018.

E-learning will be implemented gradually over the next two years, with the training of staff members and the use of blended learning in classrooms, initially only on a small scale, but increasing as we build on our successes.

Key components of the program include:

  • Connecting our school to a high-speed, broadband network.
  • Establishing a local area network in our school.
  • Installing technology in our classrooms.
  • Providing technology for teachers and learners.

Our school is committed to:

  • Collaborate with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) on establishing a full e-Learning environment at our school
  • Integrate e-Learning into everyday teaching and learning practices
  • Ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to secure the technology provided
  • Provide leadership by demonstrating best practice in e-Learning
  • Adjust pedagogy and classroom practice to facilitate an enriched learning and teaching experience for all role players
  • The ongoing professional development of all teachers
  • Contribute to reviewing progress and developing best practice in e-Learning applications
  • Contribute towards the sustained success and continued growth of e-Learning development

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