Hermanus High School is particularly proud of its top academic achievers. 368 matriculation candidates obtained A-aggregates during the past seventy five years.

Six of these pupils were respectively placed first, second and fourth on the Cape Senior Certificate Merit List (1942-1994):

Mervyn Gotsman 1951: 2nd

Peter Janson 1959: 1st

Louise Voigt 1961: 4th

Jacques Grové 1991: 4th

Danie Coetzee 1994: 1st

Bjorn Ladwig 1994: 2nd

while the last four were placed on the Western Cape Senior Certificate Merit List


Tarryn Rudnick 2007: 4th

Nita Wiegman 2012: 1st in Western Cape ad 2nd in South Africa

Conrad Strydom 2016: 1st in Western Cape and 1st in South Africa

Sian Bourdin 2016: included in the Western Cape Education Department Merit List



The Matric class of 2017 excelled in the Matric Examination:

100% pass rate

23 A aggregate candidates

Francesca Middleton (93.3%), Meaka Garland (91.7%), Chizelle de Wet (91.2%), Daniël Landes (90.2%), Misha van Zyl (88,8%), Zainab Khafif (88,7%), Kayla Swartz (87,8%), Klara van Rooyen (87,3%), Natalie Austin (87%), Alissa Coetzee (86,5%), Shana Horn (86,5%), Dabin Kim (86,5%), Adie Heunis (85,5%), Franco Swarts (85%), Rachel Templer (84,67%), Georgia Moore (84,3%), Jean Barkhuizen (84,2%), Amy Hess (83,9)%, Malaika Jones (82,5%), Robert King (81,7%), Dehan Scheepers (81,67%), Ann Marie Swart (80,2%) and Ivan Bresler (80%).

137 out of 178 candidates (77%) achieved a Bachelor Degree pass





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