Hermanus High School


We are committed to developing the full potential of each learner, inspiring them to follow their dreams.


Hermanus High School (Staff, Parents and Pupils) strives to ensure the unity and potential of both teachers and learners:

  • Through the adoption of Christian values as guiding principles of our school
  • By respecting diversity
  • By instilling respect as our core value
  • Through a balanced curriculum in academic, sporting, service and cultural spheres
  • Through a positive, nurturing, disciplined and challenging environment
  • By developing skills and abilities needed for life
  • By inspiring them to pursue their dreams
A holistic education and worthy citizenship is the ultimate goal
# Hermanus High School Code of Honour Value
1 We will make God's Word the guiding principle of our lives Selflessness
2 We will endeavour to serve our country with the highest and best in us Service
3 We will love and honour our mother-tongue and likewise honour and respect the other official languages Respect
4 We will respect and obey our parents and superiors Respect
5 We will strive to lead pure lives physically and spiritually Integrity
6 We will strive to show friendliness and courtesy Manners
7 We will strive to acquire knowledge and wisdom Hard work
8  Where duty calls, we will serve cheerfully Service
9 We will aim for unity and co-operation Team work
10 We will be faithful to our school and will uphold its good name and protect its honour in every sphere Pride

Good people make great schools. A great school is something you can be proud of!



Horas signo tempus fugit

   "Hours signify (that) time flies"


School Song

Waar bruisend' golf met skuimgeweld

Teen ruwe rotse stry;

Waar branders breek en heen en terug

Oor gladde strande gly;

Waar winde in die veld baljaar

En maanhaar oor die see;

Waar somerson oor stille meer

Die bergekruin betree:

Daar staan my Alma Mater trots,

Daar stry ons hand aan hand.

Hermanus-skool kweek deug en eer

En trou aan Vaderland.


And evermore our aim shall be

to honour Thy good name;

At work and play, what e'er we do -

in all to play the game.

For higher than the towering range

and deeper than the sea,

and wider than the azure sky,

our love for Thee shall be.

So let us all united stand,

let this our motto be:

To face the task and march ahead

To glorious victory.