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Oratory skills are at a high level.

There are few skills as valuable as speaking eloquently and authoritatively on a range of subjects. To do this in front of an intimidating group of people as audience adds to the challenging nature of public speaking. It is this skill that every learner participating in oratory competitions throughout the year gets the opportunity to develop.

The year kicked off with an internal public speaking evening where 30 speakers had the opportunity to speak in front of parents, teachers and peers.

In March the school's best speakers took part in the first round of the ATKV's public speaking competition. The speakers that progressed to the provincial final were:

- Nanje Naudé (Gr. 12)

- Gerphan Louw (Gr. 11)

- Megan Hassenkamp (Gr. 9)

At the start of the second term the senior speakers of the school (grade 10-12) took part in the annual oratory competition, held in Monday morning assembly in the school hall, in front of the rest of the learners of the school. The winner is still to be announced. In the fourth term the junior speakers will get the same opportunity.

In May our public speakers take part in two competitions - Radikale Redenaars and On the Tip of Your Tongue Public Speaking. In August our speakers get the opportunity to take part in the annual eisteddfod.

We are thankful for the continued support the school provides to our public speakers. We are proud of the achievements of our learners and look forward to the rest of the year.