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We welcome you to the esteemed annual affair, "Mr. and Miss Hermanus," a convergence of grace and charisma in an exultation of talent and composure. This distinguished scholastic pageant serves as a tableau vivant, spotlighting the remarkable attributes of our students, showcasing not only their outward elegance but also their intellect, leadership, and artistic prowess.

As the curtain ascends on this opulent soirée, the audience will be enraptured by the poise and allure of our contestants, each contending for the coveted titles of Mr and Miss Hermanus. From the resplendent evening wear exhibition to the captivating talent display, each fleeting moment pledges to be a manifestation of the diverse talents and accomplishments of our students.

This event transcends the conventional parameters of a beauty pageant; it is a crucible for personal development, confidence cultivation, and community involvement. Contestants undergo meticulous preparations, including interviews, talent rehearsals, and community outreach initiatives, nurturing a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants.

"Mr. and Miss Hermanus" stands not merely as a platform to crown the paragons of our school but as an opportunity to fortify the values of character, intellect, and leadership. The pageant surpasses the ordinary, embracing diversity and championing inclusivity.

Come join us for an indelible evening steeped in glamour, talent, and the commemoration of extraordinary individuals who personify the ethos of our venerable institution. "Mr. and Miss Hermanus" – where beauty converges with intellect, and each participant gleams as a torchbearer of our school's eminence.

Independent judges are chosen from the community. Category winners include: Mr/Miss Photogenic, Mr/Ms Hermanus Junior and Mr/Ms Hermanus Senior.

Ms Hermanus senior also serves as champagne girl during the Winter Interschools sports event in August.


Sponsored by: Land en See Lifestyle Centre

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