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“It is the physical expression through movement and rhythm of relationships, feelings and ideas. Nobody invented dance. It is deep in the heart of every culture throughout history: dance is part of the pulse of humanity. It embraces styles and traditions and is constantly evolving. Its roles range from recreational to sacred and cover every form of social purpose. “ Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica

Dancers are required to be as creative as possible during these lessons. They have 2 lessons per cycle and it is therefore more an introduction to dance. We aim to develop the learners in problem solving, group work, creativity and a sense for what could possibly lead to the subject: Dance studies.

In dance, many different careers can be followed: Choreographer, Stage Manager, Dance Photographer, Sound Engineer, Dance Company Manager, Dance Teacher, and of course Dance Performer.

When a dancer chooses to do Dance Studies as a subject, they may specialise in Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop or African dance. The dancers are taught the history of dance, nutrition and health care, improvisation, anatomy, choreography (production elements, choreography elements and marketing) and indigenous dance along with aspects of our heritage.

Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.


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