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Bus Fees 2024

Bus fees for each school term for the individual bus routes for 2024 are as follows:



Fee/month Annual Fee
Botrivier R3 209,75 R1 283,90 R12 839,00
Bettiesbay R4 136,25 R1 654,10 R16 541,00
Fisherhaven R2 639,50 R1 055,80 R10 588,00
Gansbaai R3 881,00 R1 552,40 R15 524,00
Hawston R2 605,25 R1 042,10 R10 421,00
Kleinmond R3 881,00 R1 552,40 R15 524,00
Onrusrivier R1 589,25 R   635,70 R6 357,00
Pringlebaai R4 248,25 R1 699,30 R16 993,00
Sandbaai R1 511,75 R   604,70 R6 047,00
Stanford R3 209,75 R1 283,90 R12 839,00
Vermont R1 633,50 R   653,40 R6 534,00
Voëlklip R1 516,00 R   606,40 R6 064,00

Increases in bus tariffs will be given with one month's written notice in advance.

Means of payment

There are several options to pay the bus fees - communicate with the office to see which payment plan will suit you. As a concession the bus fees may be paid in ten monthly installments provided that the first payment is made promptly not later than 31 January and monthly thereafter up to and including 31 October. NO exceptions to the above will be entertained. We make use of a private bus service that does not belong to the school or the Department of Education and we must adhere to their payment requirements.

Bank Charges
The Governing Body has also decided that any bank charges, debited to the Bus Fund's account as a result of unpaid debit orders, will be debited to the defaulting parent's account.

State Subsidy
Should the State allocate subsidies for the next year, a state subsidy will be granted to those parents who qualify for it. The amount is determined according to total income. The outstanding balance must be settled by the parent.

Terms and Conditions
1. The bus fees are payable annually in advance not later than 28 February 2024, unless one of the provided alternate payment plans have been selected and this selection approved with the signature of the Financial Secretary. In the event of the parents / guardians failing to make any payment promptly on or before the due date, the PTA Bus Fund shall have the right to demand the immediate payment of the total amount owing to the PTA Bus Fund. The parent / guardian further accepts that in such circumstances, the parent / guardian shall be liable for the payment of all legal fees on the attorney-and client scale of costs, including collection commission, incurred by the PTA Bus Fund in demanding and enforcing compliance with the parent’s / guardian’s obligations in terms hereof.

2. In order to qualify for the 3% discount on bus fees that is applicable if the single payment plan is selected, the total amount that is due must be paid in full not later than 28 February 2024.

3. If cash payments are made directly at ABSA, or if internet payments are chosen, payments must be made not later than the 16th or on the last day of every month. Please remember to quote the relevant account number as per the PTA Bus Fund’s bus fee statement as reference on the payment advice slip. Please fax proof of payment to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4. If cash, debit or credit card payments are made at the Financial Secretary’s office, these must be submitted not later than the 16th or on the last day of every month.

5. If any portion of the total amount of bus fees that is payable in terms of a specific payment plan is not paid on or before the specified date, the full outstanding amount of the annual bus fees will become due and payable and may be handed over for debt collection. Furthermore, the full outstanding amount of the annual bus fee will attract interest at the rate of 2% per month calculated from the due date until the actual date of payment of the outstanding portion.

6. Please bear in mind that should any payment not be received on the due date, the learner will immediately no longer be able to make use of the transport services. Your child will not be allowed on the bus and you will have to arrange for alternative transport. No communication whatsoever will be made to inform you beforehand.

7. All bus fee payments shall be deposited into the “OOV Busfonds” account (ABSA Bank Hermanus, Branch code 632005; Account no. 322 026 1041) and the relevant account number as per the PTA Bus Fund’s fee statement shall be used as reference.

8. For the purpose of any legal action arising from this agreement we hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court notwithstanding the fact that such proceedings may otherwise be beyond its jurisdiction and confirm that whole cause of action arose wholly within the district of the Hermanus Magistrate’s Court. This clause shall constitute the required written consent conferring jurisdiction upon the said court pursuant to the provisions of the Magistrate’s Court Act of 1944.

9. All payments made to the “OOV Bus fonds” shall be allocated in the first instance to the payment of Debt Collection Costs, then to the payment of Interest and finally to the payment of Bus Fees.

10. The parents / guardians further agree that any notice sent to the parents / guardians by prepaid registered post / email at the chosen postal / email address shall be deemed to have reached the parents / guardians within seven days after the date of dispatch, unless the contrary is proved.

11. Parents are responsible for informing the PTA Bus Fund and / or his assignee/s (forthwith called “the OWNER”) in good time if the transport service is no longer needed. If the parents omit to inform “the Owner” accordingly they accept that not making use of the service for a specific day or period does not exempt them from paying the agreed tariff.

12. The owner has the right to terminate the transport service of a learner who is guilty of unacceptable behaviour (at the complete discretion of the owner) and persists with this behaviour after 3 (three) warnings to stop this behaviour. The owner will not be responsible for refunding any monies paid in advance/still due for the period by the parents of such learner after the termination of usage of this transport service.

13. These regulations, as well as changes to them that may occur from time to time, of which said changes will be notified to the parent / guardians or their legal representatives / estates / assignees, bind the parent / guardians and/or their legal representative / estates / assignees and stay binding to the date on which the agreement for the usage of this transport service is terminated in writing by either of the two parties concerned.

14. The parents / guardians further agree that no variation of these Terms and Conditions shall be of any effect unless reduced to writing and signed by the parents / guardians and the Financial Secretary on behalf of the bus fund.

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