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BULLETIN - opening assembly message 15 January 2020




In terms of my message this morning I would like to sow the seeds for the vision the prefects and the matrics have come up with for the year. Usually at this time of the year I share with you what my vision is for you and the school. This time last I shared with you the motto, “Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve”. The year before that I shared with you three very simple values I would like every pupil in this school to apply to their lives. These values are: 1. Be respectful

2. Be prepared and

3. Be on time.

Before that I shared with you my thoughts around the fact that I believe that “Good People Make Great Schools” and the values associated with being “Good People”.

My persoonlike visie vir hierdie jaar is egter die een waarmee die prefekte vorendag gekom het. Wat hulle hul 20/20-visie noem. Ek hou baie daarvan en ek voel dit het die potensiaal om soveel  tot die skool by te dra en waarde toe te voeg, dus ondersteun ek dit as my eie visie vir die jaar ook.

Ek herhaal die visie wat die prefekte en matrieks vir 2020 het:

In eenheid, met deelname, goeie waardes en trots vuur ons die Hermie Magic aan!

In unity - through participation, good values and pride - we inspire the Hermie Magic!

I am not going to unpack the whole vision this morning as there will be time during the course of the year for me to do this. What I would like to do this morning is to draw a parallel between this vision, and what it means to our school, and another noteworthy event which took place in our country on Saturday 2 November 2019. I am not sure how many of you can remember what event I am speaking about? It shouldn’t take too much to remind you. Perhaps the phrase #strongertogether will help? Yes, on Saturday 2 November 2019 South Africa won the Rugby World Cup and what a great day it was for the country!

Julle onthou dalk dat ons op Vrydag 1 November ons laaste saalbyeenkoms vir die jaar gehou het. Julle onthou dalk ook dat ek toe ‘n video van Siya Kolisi gewys het en gepraat het oor hoe elkeen van julle julle eie potensiaal kan bereik. Ek het ook daaroor gepraat dat ons die Bokke moet ondersteun, want ‘n oorwinning sal vir Suid-Afrika soveel  kan beteken – meer as net die verowering van die Wêreldbeker.

Daar was twee oomblikke wat vir my die sukses van die Springbokke opsom en ek wil dit graag vanoggend met julle deel. Ek wil dit ook vergelyk met wat ons hierdie jaar as ‘n skool wil bereik.

The reason I am referring to the World Cup victory up today is because I believe we can draw a number of similarities between the success of this Springbok team and our own school.      

The motto for this Springbok team was #Stronger Together. The vision for the school this year starts with “In unity”. Both of these mean and stand for the same thing. If the Springboks can achieve so much success by being “stronger together” there is no reason we cannot do the same through “unity”.

The first moment that summed up the success of the Springbok team comes from the commentary delivered by Super Sport commentator, Matthew Pearce, immediately after the Springboks won the match. This is some of what he had to say; 

There is indeed a cup of gold at the end of the South African rainbow.

A country that so desperately needs to smile collectively has been given a reason to do so.

A team of men ranging from over 2 metres tall to under 1.7. From 130 kgs to 75.

A team with many different mother tongues and backgrounds but a team that celebrates its differences, its diversity and which has used these as a powerful force for success.

I remember listening to Matthew Pearce saying this and couldn’t help being motivated by what he had said. 

The 2nd moment that summed up the world cup victory for me was a poem that went viral shortly after the match.

Dit is ‘n gedig wat deur ‘n Springbokondersteuner geskryf is waarin hy sy gevoelens oor die oorwinning uitdruk. Dit gaan nie net oor die rugby nie, maar ook oor dit wat die oorwinning vir Suid-Afrika beteken.

Steve Hall captured the spirit of the team, the victory and the country’s response with his poem ‘Siyabonga Springboks’ (I am sure many of you have heard it). The last verse reads as follows;  

This country is amazing – it tells a hell of a story

And perhaps now is the time we find our true glory.

From Alex to Zwide we’ll dance in the street

The Braais will burn long as we drink and we eat

You’ve shown us the art of pure dragon slaying

I don’t know about you, but # I’m staying!

You’ve done us so proud with your hearts full of passion,

Can we help you, Cyril, bring SA back into fashion?

For so long now we’ve been at the end of our tether

But one thing’s for sure we’re # Stronger Together!

In combining the Springboks’ theme of #strongertogether and our vision of “Unity”, I have taken the liberty of adjusting the above two pieces for our own purposes.

Considering our 20/20 vision, the commentary from Matthew Pearce now reads as follows:


There is indeed a cup of gold at the end of the Hermanus High School vision.

A school that has every reason to smile collectively, has been given another year to do so.

In a school of pupils ranging from over 2 metres tall to under 1.5. From 120kgs to 45

A school with many different mother tongues and backgrounds but a school that celebrates its differences, its diversity and which can use these as a powerful force for success.


I adjust the poem to read as follows;  

This school is amazing – it tells a hell of a story

And perhaps this year is the time we find our own glory.

From Gansbaai to Kleinmond we’ll dance in the streets,

We will sing on the stands as we drink and we eat.

We are learning the art of big dragon slaying

I think you will be wise to say, # I’m staying!

We are a school with hearts full of passion

If we continue to stand together, we will make it a fashion!

For far too long people have considered us as light as a feather,

But we are about to change that, because we’re # Stronger Together!

Dus wil ek vanoggend ons visie vir 2020 benadruk, en ook sê: In eenheid, met deelname, goeie waardes en trots vuur ons die Hermie Magic aan!  As ons bymekaar staan en ‘n ver/en/igde front as ‘n skool voorhou, is daar geen rede waarom ons nie in 2020 ons eie wêreldbeker kan wen nie.

Vir julle as ‘n skool, alles van die beste vir 2020. Dit beloof om nog ‘n opwindende en suksesvolle jaar in die lewe van ons trotse skool te wees.