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RCL - Representative Council of Learners

VRL - Verteenwoordigende Raad van Leerders

According to the South African Schools Act the Representative Council of Learners is the only legal body representing the learners of Hermanus High School and are the “Voice” of the learners. They also represent learners on the Schools Governing Body.

Elections are held each year during the first term. Each class nominates learners and the nominees are given an opportunity to speak in front of their class group. Learners vote for one member from each class. These class representatives form the RCL and they in turn elect the management committee.

The RCL together with the Matric Council form six committees to promote wellbeing of the learners, participation and school spirit.

The main aims of the RCL are to:

 Represent learners on the SGB

Develop leadership

Build school spitit

Participate in community service

Help with fundraising

Attent to the needs of the learners

We started the year off with our annual leadership training and planning cession which was held at Wortelgat near Stanford. During our development activities we came up with our motto for the year: “We want to make a difference”. After many activities, nature hikes, planning and bonding cessions we felt ready and prepared to tackle the year ahead.

Our first activity was to take flowers to Huis Lettie Theron. RCL members and a few friends gave an impromptu concert and this was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The flowers were a hit and really appreciated by the residents of Huis Lettie Theron. A very successful open-air movie night was also held.

Upcoming events:

 25 May                 Grade 12 tea morning

24 June                 Variety concert

2 September           Spring Ball

Please pass on your suggestions and queries about school matters to your RCL-representative or to Mrs Harms. We meet every Tuesday during the first break to discuss these matters.

Your RCL committee members for 2016 are:

Management committee

Chairperson:        Nicola Jordaan

Vice Chairperson:  Kayla Swartz

Secretary:            Klara van Rooyen

Treasurer:            Kate van Zyl



Chairperson:        Conrad Strydom

Vice Chairperson:  Adie Heunis

Secretary:            Jana Smuts


Chairperson:        Kayla Swartz

Vice Chairperson:  Daniel Landes

Secretary:            Nicola Jordaan


Chairperson:        Kate van Zyl

Vice Chairperson:  Olivia Möller

Secretary:            Tuliswa Lutz


Chairperson:        Klara van Rooyen

Vice Chairperson:  Thys van der Merwe

Secretary:            Anrika Brand


Chairperson:        Zoë van Rensburg

Vice Chairperson:  Bantu Sam

Secretary:            Nikita de Bruyn


Chairperson:        Talbin Jonker

Vice Chairperson:  SJ Herholdt

Secretary:            Donnè van Schoor

Throughout the year Nicola Jordaan and Kayla Swartz will represent the learners at Governing Body Meetings.


12 A  Nicola Jordaan

12 B  Dylan Rothman

12 C  Talbin Jonker

12 D  Chanelle Dreyer

12 E  Carla-lee Lewis

12 F  Xolisa Pike


11 A  Kayla Swartz

11 B  Adie Heunis

11 C Thys van der Merwe

11 D  Ibanathi Nyanginstimbi

11 E  Daniel Landes

11 F  Klara van Rooyen


10 A  Anrika Brand

10 B  Donè van Schoor

10 C Jana Smuts

10 D Zoë van Rensburg

10 E Timo-Benn Lerm

10 F Kate van Zyl


9 A    Uzell Carelse

9 B    Faith Marinus

9 C    Tuliswa Lutz

9 D    SJ Heroldt

9 E    Olivia Möller

9 F    Shreya Prag

9 G    Wandile Dlepu


8 A    Pieter du Toit

8 B    Jacques Viljoen

8 C    Ronel Coetzee

8 D    Elsje du Toit

8 E    Edin Crawley

8 F    Tokyo Seconna

8 G    Immanuel Arendse