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Junior Town Council

The Overstrand Junior Town Council Project is now in its 11th year.  The programme is managed by Enlighten Education Trust in partnership with the Overstrand Municipality.

There are three aspects to this project:

The educational aspect through which the 35 council members from six schools learn how local government works; public appearances and delivering of community projects which will permanently benefit their own communities

This is a fully integrated project in terms of race, gender and geographical areas of the Overstrand with the motto "We learn as we lead".  All the members are senior school learners from Grade 9-11.  During the year they attend one leadership camp which proves to be a wonderful opportunity to learn not only about leadership, but also about different cultures and lifestyles.

Service delivery / community projects are vital to the role as a Junior Town Councillor. It is expected to be involved in at least eight community projects during their 12 month cycle as a Junior Councillor, which starts in October and comes to an end in October of the following year. Their aim is to reach out to the community to the best of their ability.

The members, under the mentorship of Ms MARITZA DU PLOOY, from our school for this year are:

CHADINHA, Odi (Adjunk-Burgemeester)

DE KOCK, Yadine


PRIOR, Holly (Uitvoerende Komitee)

SAKULSKI, Angelina

SMITH, Tarek