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Info on Hermanus High School


We are committed to develop the full potential of each learner, inspiring them to follow their dreams.


Hermanus High School (Staff, Parents and Pupils) strives to ensure unity and the potential of both educators and learners will be realised:

•       through the adoption of Christian values as guiding principles of our school

•       by respecting diversity

•       by instilling respect as our core value

•       through a balanced curriculum in academic, sporting, service and cultural spheres

•       through a positive, nurturing, disciplined and challenging environment

•       in developing skills and abilities needed for life

•       in inspiring their ability to pursue their dreams

A holistic education and worthy citizenship is our ultimate goal.

Hermanus High School subscribes to the Bill of Rights.


In order to reach the above goals set by our schools’ mission statement, we need all stakeholders to support and uphold the following more specific guiding principles:

  • Christian and established educational principles form the basis from which teaching takes place at our school;
  • Academic involvement is regarded as the most important component of the educational task of our school and all learners must be committed to achieve their academic potential through regular work and effective study;
  • Climate of high expectation for academic success - a school climate where teachers have high expectations for themselves as well as their learners. Success is judged not only by teachers’ beliefs and behaviours but also by the school’s response when some learners do not learn.
  • Learner participation and commitment in school sport and societies is expected and must be encouraged in order to foster the necessary group and social development of the learners so that a sense of camaraderie and a school spirit may develop;
  • The following personal values are important: integrity, responsibility, work ethic, respect, citizenship and initiative;
  • The image of the school must be enhanced through the cooperation and support of the school and the positive involvement of the school in the community;
  • Safe and orderly environment is maintained so that a climate is established that is conducive to learning.  This can only be achieved through promoting and upholding desirable behaviour where learners help one another, uphold and respect the code of conduct and the teachers and parents model this behaviour;
  • Forming an authentic and sound partnership between the school and the home creates a healthy home/school relations.  This partnership must be based on trust, cooperation and good communication.  It is also based on an understanding by both teachers and parents that they have the same goal: an effective school and home for all learners.
  • Change in education and society must be considered and sensitised when implementing strategic plans as long as above aims remain the guiding principles.


  • We will make God's Word the guiding principle of our lives
  • We will endeavour to serve our country with the highest and best in us
  • We will love and honour our mother-tongue and likewise honour and respect the other official languages
  • We will respect and obey our parents and superiors
  • We will strive to lead pure lives physically and spiritually
  • We will strive to show friendliness and courtesy
  • We will strive to acquire knowledge and wisdom
  • We will be faithful to our school and will uphold its good name and protect its honour in every sphere
  • We will aim for unity and co-operation
  • Where duty calls, we will serve cheerfully

Educational programme

Hermanus High School is a Christian-based school where the emphasis is on active participation in the learning process within and beyond the school setting. Pupils receive instruction in English and in Afrikaans. Reports on the pupils progress are sent to parents or guardians on a quarterly basis. Tests, examinations and all forms of continuous assessment, required by the Department of Education, determine the promotion of the pupil from one grade to the next. The school serves pupils of all backgrounds and levels of ability and bases its teaching on Christian principles.

We are committed to building a culture of achievement in academics, culture and sport.

History of Hermanus High School

Although Hermanus High School celebrated its seventieth anniversary in 2011, its roots stretch back far beyond 1941 when the school received official high school status.
Legend has it that the first school, St. Peter's Mission School, was founded in 1868. The Dutch Reformed Church School was founded in 1884 and in 1897 the two schools were amalgamated into what became the public school.
Construction on the famous stone building began in 1907 and it was officially occupied in 1911. In 1918 the school received primary school status under Mr S.G. du Toit as headmaster. Gradually the school expanded until in 1941 it was awarded high school status.

The first matric class wrote their examinations in December 1942. A shortage of facilities made teaching difficult and there followed a struggle between the school and the Education Department to obtain more classrooms. Eventually construction began on a new school in 1974 and in 1977 the High School moved to its new home. The school currently boasts excellent facilities including a gymnasium, 4 netball courts, 4 tennis courts, 2 rugby fields, 2 cricket pitches, 3 hockey fields and 3 well-equipped computer centres; these are just some of the recent additions to the school.

From its humble beginnings in 1941, Hermanus High School has grown in stature to where it is now regarded as a leader in academic, sporting and cultural affairs.