To motivate and direct the artist or designer in each learner.

Through a thorough exploration of art theory and design practices, learners are encouraged to formulate and reflect their own visions.

What is Visual Arts?

Visual Arts covers a broad field of creative practice that involves the hand, the eye, the intellect and the imagination in conceptualising and creating two-dimensional artworks, objects and environments which reflect the aesthetic, conceptual and expressive concerns of individuals or groups. Learners acquire the capacity to make practical and aesthetic decisions in the development of the coherent body work.

What is design?

Ravi Naidoo - Design Overview - Woolworths

"Design is everywhere - it's the stuff that surrounds us. It is estimated that the average person interacts with about 150 items of design by breakfast - from the toothpaste tube to the box containing corn-flakes!"

"It's easy to see why - everything in the man-made world has been designed, from the house we live in and the clothes we wear, to the modes of transport we use. And so design touches on every aspect of our lives, which makes it an important discipline."

"...design is that skill of facility that improves the quality of life. Designers are optimists. They are reformers. Designers re-image the word we live in."


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