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School Fees


The budget for 2017 was presented to and approved by the parents/guardians on 27 October 2016 at the PTA Annual General Meeting. This budget was also presented to and approved by the Governing Body.

A resolution was adopted for compulsory school fees for the next year. The fee will be R14 700.00 per year, per learner.

A resolution was adopted that the following subjects are not included in the above-mentioned fee:

Dance Studies, Art & Design, IT and Additional Mathematics - payable directly to the respective parties.

Any additional subject taken as an eighth subject by a learner - R100 per additional subject. The school office will invoice parents, with fees being payable at the beginning of each term.

In addition to the above to the above-mentioned compulsory fee, there is also a compulsory NTT and Development  fee of R1300 payable per learner per year and is payable in advance. The NTT and Development fee is used for the following: exam writing paper, T-shirts, photocopies, development and sport transport fees.


Payment Arrangements

In terms of Section 39 of the South African Schools Act No. 84, you are liable to pay compulsory school fees. Fees are payable in advance, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Refer to Terms and Conditions attached for the different payment options.


Bank Charges

The Governing Body has also decided that any bank charges, debited against the school's account as a result of dishonoured cheques and/or debit orders, will in future be debited to the relevant defaulting payer's account.


Temporary Educators

We would like to bring to your attention that Hermanus High School has found it necessary to appoint twelve temporary educators to handle the additional classes. The Western Cape Education Department has refused to create additional posts or fund these temporary educators, even though the school has increased tremendously in numbers.

If parents/guardians do not fulfil their obligations and pay their school fees, we will be unable to retain the services of these temporary educators. Should this happen, we will also be unable to accept additional learners. These learners would therefore have to make use of the other high schools in our vicinity.


Non-paying Parents/Guardians

Please note that you are compelled to pay the school fees, in terms of Section 39 of the SA Schools Act No. 84, 1996. The Governing Body of a public school has the right, according to Section 40 & 41 of the SA Schools Act No. 84, 1996, to enforce payment of school fees and may thereby obtain such fees through legal action.

In the event of non-payment, action will be taken against both parents regardless of any maintenance agreements which may exist between the parties. In terms of the School's Terms and Conditions of Enrolment you will be liable for all legal and collection fees. In terms of Family Law, parents are jointly and severally liable for payments of learner's fees.

School fees are exempt from the National Credit Act as this is a statutory debt. This debt may not be referred to a debt counsellor or Administrator for administration. Payment options must be arranged with the school.

If we have your e-mail address, all correspondence regarding school fees will be distributed by e-mail, alternatively the correspondence will be handed to the learner in a sealed envelope by the respective register teacher for delivery to the parent or guardian.

Parents, who feel that they qualify for complete, partial or conditional exemption from the payment of school fees, must personally collect the necessary application forms from our financial office for completion. The submission for application forms closes on 28 February 2017.

Terms & Conditions

Hermanus High School charges school fees as permitted by the SA Schools' Act.

The father and mother and/or guardian(s) (where applicable) of every learner are jointly and severally responsible for school fees in respect of such a learner.

The school fees for 2017 have been set at R14 700.00 per annum per learner. Please note that we are a fee-paying school and fees are payable annually in advance, unless an alternate payment agreement has been entered into with Hermanus High School.