Hermanus High School is particularly proud of its top academic achievers. 368 matriculation candidates obtained A-aggregates during the past seventy five years.

Six of these pupils were respectively placed first, second and fourth on the Cape Senior Certificate Merit List (1942-1994):

Mervyn Gotsman 1951: 2nd

Peter Janson 1959: 1st

Louise Voigt 1961: 4th

Jacques Grové 1991: 4th

Danie Coetzee 1994: 1st

Bjorn Ladwig 1994: 2nd

while the last four were placed on the Western Cape Senior Certificate Merit List


Tarryn Rudnick 2007: 4th

Nita Wiegman 2012: 1st in Western Cape ad 2nd in South Africa

Conrad Strydom 2016: 1st in Western Cape and 1st in South Africa

Sian Bourdin 2016: included in the Western Cape Education Department Merit List

The Matric Class of 2016 produced outstanding results. Not only is the school very pleased to announce a 100% pass rate once again, but the school is also exceptionally proud of CONRAD STRYDOM and SIAN BOURDIN.

Conrad has been named the top performing pupil in the country while Sian has also been included on the Western Cape Education Department Merit List!

The Matric class of 2017 excelled in the Matric Examination:

100% pass rate

23 A aggregate candidates

Francesca Middleton (93.3%), Meaka Garland (91.7%), Chizelle de Wet (91.2%), Daniël Landes (90.2%), Misha van Zyl (88,8%), Zainab Khafif (88,7%), Kayla Swartz (87,8%), Klara van Rooyen (87,3%), Natalie Austin (87%), Alissa Coetzee (86,5%), Shana Horn (86,5%), Dabin Kim (86,5%), Adie Heunis (85,5%), Franco Swarts (85%), Rachel Templer (84,67%), Georgia Moore (84,3%), Jean Barkhuizen (84,2%), Amy Hess (83,9)%, Malaika Jones (82,5%), Robert King (81,7%), Dehan Scheepers (81,67%), Ann Marie Swart (80,2%) and Ivan Bresler (80%).

137 out of 178 candidates (77%) achieved a Bachelor Degree pass





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